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Rhyolite Ghost Town Mercantile General Store, Old Abandoned Wooden Store, Boarded Windows.

The Mercantile

"We Don't Rent Pigs!"


Texas Trail Boss

Your favorite TTB branded products can only be found here!

Sliced Beef

The Beef Market

Grass Fed & Pasture Raised.
Hormone & Steroid Free
It's Not Complicated, It's True Texas Beef

Cowboy Boots and Stirrups

Our Store Policies

Returns for "The Mercantile" Products -

Shop with confidence. Texas Trail Boss will manage all returns, refunds and exchanges, per manufacture instruction. To initiate your return, contact us for instructions.


Returns for Beef Market Products -

There are no returns or refunds on any beef products (no returns, refunds or exchanges). If you fail to understand exactly why, I am afraid we don't have enough time to educate you. Continued use of the website constitutes your understanding of this zero refund, return or exchange policy for these products. 


However, we are an honest business and we will always strive to do what is right. Fair warning for those who take our kindness for weakness. In Texas, we don't suffer fools. Any attempts to scam, steal or deceive us, will be addressed appropriately and publicly.

In using this website, you express knowledge, understanding and agreement of these policies. Furthermore, you acknowledge you have no rights of any kind, to any perceived expectation, content, image or product on this site.  

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Contact Us

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