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When you order This Longhorn or Angus Beef Order you are directly supporting a ranching family. Please choose which beef option you would like using the selection section below.


The Longhorn beef is a naturally lean beef that is heart healthy, pasture raised and naturally disease resistant.


Angus Beef Order - is grass fed and grain finished for a delicious and well marbled beef option for you and your family.


Once you have submitted your order, you can call me for your ***CUT SHEET & ***PROCESSING DATE at 972.249.5245 (We have processing spots every month). 


We use and trust Local Cuts Meat Company in Zypher, Texas for all our processing needs. They are USDA inspected can be reached 325.510.5064


The price for your order includes standard processing fees and local delivery in Texas to Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Ft Worth and more. Additional delivery charges will apply for out of state deliveries. Additional processing fees will need to be paid directly to Local Cuts Meat Co. These additional fees are incurred when with special care or handling is necessary. Such as sausages, Italian ground beef, snack sticks, soup bones and etc.


LONGHORN BEEF - Your price also includes the raw head/horns as well as the hide. These items are very raw and will need to cleaned and tanned by a taxidermist for an additional fee. The head/horns will delivered when your beef is delivered. However, the hide needs to picked up from Local Cuts Meat Co. In Zypher, Texas on the day of processing as they are unable to store the hide in their freezers.


ANGUS BEEF - Do not include any Longhorn or Angus heads or hides.


If you have any questions feel free to text us at 972.249.5245 or email us at

Whole Beef Orders

Excluding Sales Tax
  • At anytime you cancel your order, there is a $1,000 fee. There are no refunds unless expressly given.

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