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The Trail Boss hats are finally here! 


Brown on Tan mesh, is the only color we have at this time. 


 The Richardson 112 trucker hat is known for its high quality and durability. It serves as the foundation for our hat. The embrodery includes a puffy "T" up front, a Texas flag on the wearers left side and "Texas Trail Boss" on the back. 


About the brand -

The "T" is the brand of our company. It is a symbol of the the legendary Texas Longhorns. The squigly top of the T represents the cattle trails where millions of Longhorns cattle were driven to rail heads further north, following the civil war.  The "T" resembles the skull and horns of this historic cattle breed. It also stands for "Texas" as well as "Trail Boss". It completly encomposes everything about us and this historic Texas breed of cattle. 


Recent Price Increase 

Richardson hats have recently increased their prices on this hat model.  They have also become almost impossible to find due to the recent supply chain issues. Coupled with the beautiful embrodery work performed by a local, veteran owned, small business....these hats are not cheap and in short supply.  

Trail Boss Trucker Hats

SKU: 671253175371
Excluding Sales Tax
  • There are no refund, returns or exchanges of these items after they have been worn. 

  • Once you submit your order, please leave us your name, email and address. We will ship your order and email you the tracking number at our earliest convenience. 

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